Oh me Oh my

That article needed a tweak ~ Here is an update

Click the link above the pic for how to THAW :) and Have a blessed day as we Live4Him

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Thaw your frozen with the Defroster

Check my link for more on how to stay thawed out ~ have a blessed and beautiful tomorrow :)Image

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hand_1229god's not dead                                                                                                                   This one is stirring some folks up, but see God’s Not Dead and I just have to shout it out ~ Have a blessed day~ as we Live4Him

April 20th from Genocide to Resurrection

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Humbled by fellow authors

God’s Timing is so perfect ~ just when you feel a tinge of doubt ~ As I have been under attack in my sharing of His word, feeling maybe I should take leave of my writing, and then in a surprise I receive a Gold Award For December in The Spiritual Category. Thank you Jesus for letting me see, if one is comforted by what You give to me to share, then it is for your purpose. Praise God for the encouragement to continue to share what God has placed on my heart  Feeling Blessed again

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I drank my water today how about you?









Click link above for more info on what you can do to be a part of the change one bottle at a time!

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Dying Earth Living Water ~ Be a part of real change

Hello World ~

For more information on my epiphany, click my link below and see how simple it is to change the world, one bottle at a time.  


I was editing  an article I wrote on another site, and realized we can do more, we can be a real part of the change, while we Live4Him.  The article/poem is called. Dying Earth Living Water, as I was working, it hit me.  We can save lives helping a missions far away, and we can do it right where we live with Human Kind water.  I edited my poem and added a few links to my link below.  Then I called my hubby who was at the local walmart, and I said, “Honey buy some HK bottled water while you’re there tonight.  We can save some lives and it’s so simple.  ONE BOTTLE AT A TIME ~ can you do that?  Please click the link below to find out more.  Peace in your Stages as we Live4Him ~ Thanks

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Letting God and Letting God


Bars are tricky in the jungle Gym of Life, but they can bring such joy if we let go and trust God.


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