The Stages Of ME

22 Jan

Well what a day ~ I spent a lovely day with my beautiful 16 year old daughter.  Every minute of it I was thinking, Wow God thank you for this moment.  To think only weeks ago I almost had to leave her again, as well as my beautiful boy and husband.   It is amazing how I am brought to the edge of that line.  The line of, will I wake again another day, and yet there is no fear.  I have been blessed with a peace like I have not known before.  I am so touched by the open and real conversations friends and even strangers now have with me.  I am excited to know one day we will be in His hands.  No Pain, No struggles, No medicines, No treatments JUST LOVE.  Even though I know this and embrace it, I am so very thankful and grateful for just one more moment with my girl.  She got her hair done and then said, ” I love it mom.”  We had so much fun just being together and enjoying a salad.  I am so very thankful for my young man, big 13 now, who said, “you are the best mommy and thanks for spending time, just you and me”(that was yesterday) so sweet.  I am so thankfull for my dear hubby who runs across the street last week with a new pair of windshield wiper blades so I would be safe.   A complete surprise- he met me down the road.  He called and said, “stay there I am on my way.”   I waited only to look out my window to see my Prince as he ran toward my minivan to place the new blades.  Sadly I was running late to pick up a friend, he struggled and was not able to get them on.  It just did not matter, for in that moment, I was again so thankful for that man at my side just loving me the way he does.  He holds my hand in every scary moment.  Keeps his faith that I can beat anything as can he if we are together and strong in our faith to Christ ~while knowing it is truly God’s Will.  Thank you for those who have shared with me today.  I can not even write all the stories.  I just know this book The Stages Of Me – is God’s work and He is continueing to bless me with the stages of others.  I am happy to be here to blog about the book ~ for more information on the Book The stages Of Me see the following link to business page on FB Peace friends

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