The Stages Of Me

16 Mar

Hello my blogger friends and foes ~ Well my book (The Stages Of Me) has had some revisions and it is completed and available as of now again online.  Now on to more important things, Japan you are heavy on my heart.  In tragedy there is always Light and Love.  The pain spreads to those left behind as their fellow brothers and sisters soar home to Jesus.  He swept them up quickly with a gentle scoop as the disaster hit.  As we look on in awe we see the need of repair.   The hearts ache and the physical needs are so great.   We get mighty quiet and contemplative.   Then bit by bit we see cohesion and service abound.  God has a mighty plan.  The world will shake and many will go before the final days.  We know it is all for His Plan and greater good and we will all be together again soon.  On the final Stage!  Peace oh beautiful Japan in your weariness.  Where there is one plank or board remaining there is HOPE!   God will restore life and love he will supply sustenance in the days ahead ~ Again Peace oh beautiful Japan~May He send his angels to surround and comfort you as we pray as a nation for your recovery~


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