The Stages Of Me

06 Jun
The Stages Of Me

If this sounds firm I apologize but these past few weeks have been so layered with pains, hurts, needs and stresses of so many ~ Many healing from illness or disease, brokenness, emotional pain, financial stress, loss that at times seems so overwhelming. I know many have asked or been asked to pray. Understand that when we ask for prayer it is taken with all seriousness and concern by some.

“Guard your heart with all wisdom, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs)

We must have selfless trust in God always grasping to hope, for on the Rock He built his church and it is secure. God makes all things possible. Please do not joke or laugh at the possibilities of Him. For in your darkest hour YOU WILL CALL OUT TO HIM, quietly so no one might know your fear or need. He will be ever present, even when you turn your back. He will reach down and pull you from deep waters. So when the storm passes and He gives you what you need, do not discount the powers of your Heavenly Father. Give Him praise with the same robust cry as when in the valleys of your life.

I am so sad that we can honor Him on Sundays, call upon Him when in our deepest need and yet deny him in the crowds and laugh at those who quietly, gently or even at times boldly attempt to keep Him present in a daily walk. Clap your hands for Him, smile and thank Him at least once a day on your own. Try not to give into the peer pressure; of it is not cool to show your love and respect for Him in public. We ask our children to do this for us. How can we think He would want any less for us His children, some things just have to be let out of your heart and said out loud. If you need to laugh at this or judge or gossip or feel uncomfortable about this post that is okay. I know where I want to go when I leave here. I would like to see all of you there and I am very serious about that! You do not have to only love him when people are looking, you do not have to only need Him when people are not looking. Could we all just move God up a few steps in this negative culture we are allowing. I am sad to say it but our kids are doing a better job than all of us. How can we lead if not by example? Yes these are my words so if anyone needs a target have at it I am armed and ready. Feel free to ask me about my book ~The Stages Of ME it here  or for more information on the book The stages Of Me see the following link to business page on FB


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3 responses to “The Stages Of Me


    June 9, 2011 at 2:50 pm

    Your Story sounds inspiring, is the book on amazon?


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