The Stages Of ME

26 Jun

Hello Friends ~

Allow your brokenness for in our brokenness we will increase the seeking of God’s will and plan in our lives.  When something in our lives becomes a constant companion such as a disease, pain, a family trial, financial stress, anything that cracks our comfort armor, we want to unload it or leave it.  This is a normal reaction.  What is the lesson?   What is God’s plan in this?  I realize the questions are normal in the flesh but they are not true surrender.  I realize this because in the questions there is no peace. At least without praise at the same time.  It is only in these difficult times or even joyful times when I am seeking HIM that clarity comes.  I am a faithful and firm believer in Christ and through the cross I know He will supply grace and mercy in times of needs.  I know He suffered so greatly and I know I am must surrender to His will.  I feel I do that but I suppose I do not.  If my prayer leads off with could you, would you I realize I am not surrendering but slipping.  In the very beginning of my book I speak of TRUST and the immense power of this word.  I comment, “I hope we can trust in times of adversity.  I most importantly hope my inner strength and faith are enough in the face of adversity.”   I falter in times of great distress but my prayer is never against my Father but I become weak and asking is prevalent.  I also just realized something the words MUST and TRUST is so close to the same.  They are only different by one letter.  I Must Surrender to Trust fully.  Difficult YES do I struggle with this at times YES.  Encouraged by friends and family I am blessed.  I find peace in the Word the stories of the bible.  I find solace in Christian music.  I thank God for His intervention in our weakness.  When the tears are shed and the pain becomes numbing there is surrender and in surrender there is peace.   So back to the beginning of this post it is normal to want to unload or leave trials and often that is not possible.  We must stay steadfast through the storm and then comes the sunshine.  Perhaps our trials are the biggest test of faith because we are under scrutiny.  Will they put down their God?  Will they leave Him behind?  NO WAY ~ I may be grumpy, I may have tears, I may be weary, but through the grace and mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ I am safe in this storm.  Thank You this is the day the Lord has made let me rejoice and be glad in it.

I challenge all of us ~ Could we all just move God up a few steps in this negative culture we are allowing? Feel free to ask me about my book ~The Stages Of ME it here  or for more information on the book The stages Of Me see the following link to business page on FB

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