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29 Jul

Hello Friends ~ today I felt a need to combine two worlds the world of culture and the world of Christian belief.  I have a heart for those struggling as we all struggle.  I believe the two worlds are not as far apart as one might think. Just look at the music not all, but so much of it can say so many amazing things to us.  Try not to close your eyes on the world that is so crazy and chaotic, it will not go away. I know we can look for the good in the chaos.  I know I can learn something from everyone in my path. Try not to hide away from the things that make us different.  Try to find the good in each and everything. Try to reach out to anyone around you that may have something to say.  Try not to be righteous or judgmental in our walks, for we each are on the tightrope of life and even the slightest wind could make us slip.  The good news is a good gust of air or perhaps if you will, the HOLY SPIRIT can swoop you right back on and the walk on that tightrope of life and make it stable at that.  So maybe you could take a listen to some really great examples of genres coming together in a message of ~ Faith,Hope, and Love and the greatest of these is Love.  If I do not go outside my box I may never see you, If I do not open my ears I may never hear you, If I don’t open my heart I might just miss you all together.  I will be looking for you ~ I do not want to miss you and I want you to know My GOD ~ HE REALLY IS EVERYTHING !

Sometimes words are hard to say but “SAY WHAT YOU NEED TO SAY” 

Sometimes our Worlds collide and we get a little lost and yet we know in our hearts HE is “EVERYTHING”

Sometimes we have to Believe that this world and the next can come together in FAITH “IF WE BELIEVE”


And not to be gloomy but should we all not ” LIVE LIKE WE ARE DYING”



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2 responses to “The Stages Of ME ~ Updated blog

  1. Courtney Coe

    August 23, 2011 at 4:38 pm

    Your book is a beautiful truth story – the message can bring anyone into the light and give wisdom for the everyday. Your blog is so inspirational and it makes me so happy just to read it! You do such a great job ~ my greatest wish is that everyone could be touched by your words!!!

    • thestagesofme

      August 24, 2011 at 4:19 am

      You are a sweetie ~ thanks so proud of you ~ hugs


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