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Hello all from The Stages Of ME

I have an update ~ this time I posted on Hub page so please check it out ~ this particular post fits hub so well I am so pleased by the folks that enjoy the posts ~ this has been a busy week so for this particular week I am referring to the original Hub as my update this week ~ God Bless and Keep looking for the Falling leaves they are all so beautiful.

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The Stages Of ME ~ updated blog Riding A Wave

Riding A Wave ~ An ocean wave is an amazing sight ~ if you are most people you tiptoe into the water inching your way past the break of the rolling barrel.  The adventurous will run with reckless abandon and jump or dive right in with a joyful leap.  Either route you choose takes you to the same point because you always have to go a little farther to get past the mountain-like wall of water heading toward you.  As you face this mountain either head on or tediously looking back in guarded position, your heart will race just a bit.  In your mind you know just over that wall is where you will at last reach the calming and gentle sea that will soothingly sway you up and down in its magnificence. Once in this place of calm you must stay focused and alert, for there is work that is ongoing, so as to not be taken out to far where you might be lost at sea.  If you find yourself slipping out beyond the waves don’t panic.  Look up and in the mass of seagulls find the lone Dove He will guide you back toward the shore.  So after the description of this spectacular scene can you see how it resembles our relationship with God?  He is so welcoming and ever present.  He allows you to choose how to come into relationship with Him.  Come as you are. There is no right or wrong way for He is LOVE and it is unconditional.  It is so calming once there in His grip.  Remember though, that the walls of water, the mountains of life will still present themselves.  With your eye on Him you can glide past these challenges and feel His arms of strength in times of trouble.  Trust in Him and believe in His promise and you will not be lost.  When amongst the waves He will be there to help you stay afloat.  If you start to fall away the Holy Spirit will whisper you back in between the green safety flags before your lifeguard God your Father.  It is really quite simple when we look at what He has made.  He has given us all we need.  How lucky are we that His creations symbolize this beautiful reality.  The reality is He is there just waiting for you to reach for Him amongst the waves.

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