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Hello Friends

Well it is that time of year ~ the hustle and bustle in the streets and stores.  I have written a Holiday Hub and would love the input of others.  So check it out if you get a chance and add a comment.  The first step to a change for good is a conversation.  Never be afraid to be the starter, the middle or the finisher, even the observer of a conversation.  All parts are important to communication.  To beginning a solution.  If we all just deal with the STUFF in the best way we can.  If we stick together and remind one another when sidetracked or if we see a truck of stuff heading toward someone.  We really can keep each other accountable.  All it takes is a little effort.  Well maybe we will need to change some old comfort zones.  We may need to take some risks and be a little repenting and a little forgiving.  In the long run if we stick together as a force, with or without a lightsaber, I feel confident we can get our STUFF RIGHT!

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Shake Shake Shake a Holiday Hub

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