His Hands Let’s Give a Thumbs Up

15 Jan

Hey World, if you support Christian Authors with a ministry give a click to the link below.  Take a gander or not.  It’s just I would love for this to get out to a few (okay out to anyone feeling lost or apart from anything.)  I will not condemn your beliefs or thoughts or choices, I will love you for you, because that’s the way I’m loved.  I’m just asking for the same, as I will be bold when it comes to sharing how much I love God , therefore I love all of you, Just the way you are, Just sayin’.   I will not relent and I will do my best to keep on loving the heart in each of you, even when you aren’t to happy with me.  

I do hope you love me too, but I got Love going on, so no worries.  If you feel a need to attack, I love you anyway.  Better yet I know someone you should get to know.  His Name is Jesus ~ Just sayin’ ~ Now don’t get in a tizzy that is me, you can share with me your beliefs or life anytime and I will not judge. ( and if I do it is me, the stupid human, not me the God Girl.)  Sometimes I just need to say, ” Do you really know me, do you know how and who I love? Because I am pretty much open to loving peoplel just the way they are.  I also learn from so many different people from all over this beautiful world, many so different than myself, every day I learn.  I just want to be loved as I am suppose to love unconditionally. (remeber I am just like you)

Before you assume you know me, try saying hello, I promise I will say hello back.  I always have and I always will.  I have a family and friends and a heart that beats, people that like me and people that don’t, just like all of you and that’s okay.  I just have a hearts that BEATS, and I know why, for me I will shout it out.  Even if you shout back in a reactionary way, It is okay, I love you anyway.  I just love God first, but that’s ME!

God Bless and Peace in your stages ~ Kathy

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