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Hi There my name is Kathy I have a published a small faith inspirational Journey. In the process I realized what a beautiful way to connect with people and share. I have shared The Stages Of Me, now I want to hear from you. I love to hear the stories of others. In every story there is a chance to learn and grow together, as we all continue our faith journey's. Blessing to you now and always and Peace in your stages.

Our God Is Limitless


This article is my heart in reaction to the past months of division and separation in our world. Praying for peace from our homes to our eternal home. I desire to be better at my daily walk, therefore, I share my heart and faith with the world. I do not do it perfectly or grammatically sound, but this article is not about being perfect. It’s about being imperfect and trusting a limitless God. Check the link and share if you desire or just pray with me. ~Thanks

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Iron Sharpen Iron, yet we Choose to Remain Dull!

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The Story Of a Stretch Mark

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Your Peace WIll Meet Me There


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Peace in your Stages

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Did I blink God ~ this is the story of my little boy

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A review Into The Woods

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